Software and Training

WinBuild and Partners provide training for:


WINDOW is computer program for calculating glazing and total window thermal and solar-optical performance indices (i.e. U-values, solar heat gain coefficients, solar and visible transmittances, etc.). WINDOW incorporates state of the art calculation method based on latest published research, including the ISO 15099 standard. The program can be used to design and develop new products, to assist educators in teaching heat transfer through windows, and to help public officials in developing building energy codes. WINDOW is used by National Fenestration Rating Council to rate fenestration products.  New features added in the past few years include modeling of complex glazing and shading systems (venetian blinds, woven shades, cellular shades, etc.)  Optical performance is calculated using generalized Bi-Directional Scattering Distribution Functions (BSDF) method. New features also include modeling of deflection in glazing systems, vacuum glazing, and RADIANCE-based visualization.  Whole product results from WINDOW can be used, in turn, with other program such as the RESFEN and COMFEN programs, which calculate total annual energy requirements in buildings


THERM is a computer program for calculating two-dimensional (2-D) heat transfer in building components such as windows, walls, foundations, roofs, and doors as well as appliances and other products where thermal bridges are of concern. THERM is based on the finite element numerical method (FEM) and incorporates sophisticated automated meshing and error estimation for rapid model generation and ensuring accurate results.  THERM is used by building component manufacturers, engineers, educators, students, architects, and others.  THERM’s heat-transfer analysis allows evaluation of a product’s energy efficiency and local temperature patterns, which may relate directly to problems with condensation, moisture damage, and structural integrity.   THERM has two-way interface to WINDOW program and allows WINDOW to determine total window product U-factors, Solar Heat Gain Coefficients, Visible Transmittance and Condensation Resistance.